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What is the maximum regeneration value for braking?

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I am having a not so fun time trying to search it out on the forum so apologies as it has to have been answered before.

When braking you get to see how much power is regenerated. I wanted to understand just how high that number can be before it exceeds the systems ability to absorb it and does it absorb it on a 1:1? Is it a wholly separate system from the 3.3 charger?
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Any attempt to do a DC charge of the Volt's battery can void its 8-year warranty. So, for anyone who wishes to experiment with DC charging, get a salvaged Volt which lost its warranty to work with. Up to now, I see the first Dc opportunity at the output of the onboard 3.3 (or 3.6) kW AC charger as a test point for DC input, bypassing that charger. If the battery is monitored, maybe it can accept over 7 kW of a DC charge at that point. Since I have no Volt, I am guessing here. And maybe another point would be where the A/C compressor gets its power from the battery. I doubt there can be any free point to do a DC charge other than those two.
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