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What is the maximum regeneration value for braking?

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I am having a not so fun time trying to search it out on the forum so apologies as it has to have been answered before.

When braking you get to see how much power is regenerated. I wanted to understand just how high that number can be before it exceeds the systems ability to absorb it and does it absorb it on a 1:1? Is it a wholly separate system from the 3.3 charger?
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I don't know about maximum regeneration but the regenerative system seems very efficient to me. We live in a valley and I drove to the top of the hillside, which is in two shelves, then I went about another 1 or two Km's beyond to get to the store. I started out at 70 km range and drove gently but at the speed limit up the hills and on the flats, getting down to 66 km range. I then used the regenerative break hand pedal as much as I could driving back home, and I got back to my starting 70 km range. I know the car cannot defy the laws of thermodynamics but it seems like I got back at least 75 percent or more of the energy.
Actually, the range is now taking the down hill into account and assuming you will use less power/mile. So you are back up to 70km range, but not back up to the same battery % as before.
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