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I can't say that after watching the long videos, I heard anything distinctive, except for a squeak in the first one. I take it you think it's coming from the front. I had a squeak/pop problem that I thought was coming from the front too, but it was coming from the rear.

While installing a rear sway bar, I pulled out the rear springs. On the bottom suspension arm there is a "nub" that keeps the spring centered on the arm. (See first pic - there is a similar nub mounted at the top of the spring on the car body). A rubber pad fits between the spring and nub & arm to prevent metal to metal contact. On one side, the coil wire end was very sharp. It cut through the pad and was occasionally contacting the nub as evidenced by a shiny spot on the wire end. (See second pic, shown upside down relative to the first pic). Rounding off the wire end and replacing the pad (~$15) fixed the issue that was driving me nuts for a couple of years.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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