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What happens when you put high performance tires on the Bolt?

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Interesting read in Motortrend. Performance tires have their pluses and minuses. Are any of you Bolt owners tempted??
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I can only offer my experience with Volts which weigh about the same as Bolts:

I put on summer performance (self-sealing) which were the same dia, but a bit wider (235/45-17) 13,000 miles ago.
Wear is good, sound good, range not significantly affected, AutoX performance enhanced. Since the tires are a bit wider than the Volt rims, it offers some curb protection. I have a 58 mile customer loop. I can still make it with the performance tires just like I could with the OEMs using the same driving technique and speeds.

To put 235's on a Bolt you will need Volt rims or better yet, wheels that 7.5/8.5 wide.

I'm happy with the decision. Curbing, dry and light rain traction, self-sealing were all improved. OEM tires seem to be nail-magnets. We have had 3 flats before switching to aftermarket tires. None since.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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