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What happens when you put high performance tires on the Bolt?

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Interesting read in Motortrend. Performance tires have their pluses and minuses. Are any of you Bolt owners tempted??
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I think it's pretty certain what will happen. Only thing not completely known is the degree of difference. Obviously cornering and traction improves. Range and possibly tire life goes down..... If someone doesn't need all the car's range and likes to autocross or something it might be worth it to them.
I can only offer my experience with Volts which weigh about the same as Bolts:

I put on summer performance (self-sealing) which were the same dia, but a bit wider (235/45-17) 13,000 miles ago.
Wear is good, sound good, range not significantly affected, AutoX performance enhanced. Since the tires are a bit wider than the Volt rims, it offers some curb protection. I have a 58 mile customer loop. I can still make it with the performance tires just like I could with the OEMs using the same driving technique and speeds.

To put 235's on a Bolt you will need Volt rims or better yet, wheels that 7.5/8.5 wide.

I'm happy with the decision. Curbing, dry and light traction, self-sealing were all improved. OEM tires seem to be nail-magnets. We have had 3 flats before switching to aftermarket tires. None since.

Looking at the description in the link that looks like a good choice. Not sure I'd call it a typical performance tire though, just a different set of engineering choices or a summer LRR tire.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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