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What happens when you put high performance tires on the Bolt?

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Interesting read in Motortrend. Performance tires have their pluses and minuses. Are any of you Bolt owners tempted??
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Haha, interesting to see this thread. I JUST put a set of the BFG Comp2 A/S tires on the wife's Bolt last week. These are not the exact same (UHP Summer) tires in the article, but are their somewhat similar cousins (UHP All-Seasons), and in the identical stock sizing. My wife had complained that she just didn't feel safe with the skittish feeling of the oem LRR tires, both when driving in wet/rainy conditions and even just when pressed beyond a leisurely pace on dry twisty roads. Given that her typical daily driving distance is far far less than the car's range, and thus the the mileage hit due to the tires will not be any issue for her, I went ahead and popped for the sticky replacements.

I have to say, from the beginning, the Bolt has always struck me as a much better driver's car than the Volt (she previously had both a 1st and 2nd gen). It seemed as if the Bolt was almost trying be like a Mini-Cooper or something; very zippy, sporty and capable, but without the rubber to really support it, as if an Achilles heel. My impression now that the tires have been replaced is that the car is immediately transformed. It feels SO much more solid and secure. It's so good that I almost find myself looking to toss it around like a little sports car. I'm sure this will factor into the overall hit to range, but who cares, the driving please so outweighs the difference. If you don't need the range, I highly recommend considering it.
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