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2014 VOLT. 56000 miles. About 50% electric/ 50% gas miles.
Today, my car went to the dealer for the second time, same symptoms.
For the first 50000miles or so, my car charged from 38-43 miles, whether on 120 or 240 volt charger.
In December, I parked the car for three weeks at San Francisco Airport.
I drove home (4 hours) and got unusually low miles.
Since then, the car won't charge above 33 miles, and it's usually closer to 29-30.
Dealer has reset the software and had me drive a few thousand miles.
Returned today and dealer found no codes.
I read and implemented GM recs (Document ID: 4726641) long ago.
Now, everyone is stumped and I'm getting 20-25% fewer miles on the battery.....
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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