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What EV range do you guys normally get

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I'm possibly considering an ELR as my next car (or a CPO Model S)

Red ELR is drop dead gorgeous and stunning and I would happily drive one

What's the average starting EV range like on 2014's?

There's this super clean one on eBay and the range shows 44 Miles and that has my attention

Most ELR's I see start out in the low 30's for EV range. But if they start in the 40's for majority of the time then I'll be fine with that
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Varies on the time of year. During the summer I routinely get 44-46. During the winter about 25-30. Fall and Spring are usually in between those numbers. Range will depend on use of the heater, speed, and terrain. A/C is way more efficient than the heater.
Test drive a Volt. I get 40 to 50 miles per charge from my 2013 Volt Premium.
BTW, if you can live with a range between 35-45 and a 2 door coupe, the ELR will not disappoint. It is a significant step up from the Gen 1 volt in terms of driving experience and creature comforts.
I have been getting anywhere from 56 to 61 EV miles so far this summer. I have not experienced anything below 53. I suspect that will be more the norm when we get into Fall and Winter.
ELR is more practical and reliable than a Tesla. And better looking. Make sure ya get ACC.

I don't drive for max range. I get between 30 and 40 all conditions. Doesn't get really cold here. I set cabin temp to 74, auto, comfort.
I have been getting anywhere from 56 to 61 EV miles so far this summer.
This is an ELR thread.
Test drive a Volt. I get 40 to 50 miles per charge from my 2013 Volt Premium.
Volt doesn't have all the lux options. ELR power seats are one of the huge differences. I traded a '13 premium.
I have only had mine about 6 weeks however I don't see how people can drive so conservitvly to get in the (especially high) 40s. Here is a post I made on the ELR Facebook owners page.

[about a week ago] This morning (5:30am) I tried to drive to work about as conservatively as possible. I did have the AC on Auto (72ºF out), had to have the headlights on and stereo playing (probably 0.5Kw to 1kW extra). However I almost always keep acceleration to under 30kW, drove in L (trying to do this all the time now) and did almost all stoping by regen. Drove like a grandma but was easy enough not having too many other drivers on the road that I was hindering (although it's not much FUN). After >11 miles I ended up using 283Wh/mile. [EDIT: this would be about 43 miles]

How is it possible to drive over 50 miles at 233Wh/mile? I even rember seeing a post where someone went 212Wh/mile. Is this mostly downhill with no traffic around? How low are you limiting your acceleration (25kW)? No climate control and Infotainment off?

By the time I got home (still driving conservative but lots of traffic to workaround and not hinder too much) I was back up to over 300Wh/mile.

[Pet Peeve/Rant] I wish the L regen option was a software turn on/off in Settings. It is incenvenent moving the gear lever past the D lock and also causes me to only move into N when gong for R. Also L is SUCH a confusing misnomer since the setting has nothing to do with LOW or gears or transmission or ICE, etc. In fact it should be H for HIGH regen.[/Pet Peeve/Rant]

EDIT: Just to add Cadillac rates the 14 ELR at 37 miles or about 333kWh/mile.
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There are far too many variables to provide a simple answer. I have owned 3 Volt's since March 2012 and for my driving conditions I could easily exceed the EPA rating 9 months out of the year. Right now on my 2017 my GOM has been inching up each week and it's reading 75 miles as it sits. But I would never try and pass that off as the norm. I live in southern Illinois, they call us "flat landers". We've had a mild Aug and my Volts while my DD have only been on ONE long distance road trip. All other driving has been performed in a semi urban/rural environment. My r/t for work is 22 miles so any GM Plug In meets my needs.

The Volt/ELR just isn't big enough for road trips, we use our GMC Acadia for that. Road trips can kill your EV range but my driving makes me look like I own a Tesla. Over 96% of my miles have been electric since March 2012.

So I'd stick with the EPA rating of 37 miles knowing it could be higher or lower by as much as 10 miles.
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On my red 2014 ELR I get 50 miles in Spring & Fall, 45 miles in the Summer & 40 in the Winter.
I've been getting 45 to 50 miles of EV range driving reasonably. When I drive my ELR like I stole it, I get about 40 miles of EV range. I found that differences in tire pressure affect maximum range, not necessarily the type of tire. I replaced the OEM Bridgestone Potenza tires with 4 BF Goodrich g-force Comp2 A/S ultra high performance tires in January of this year, and my range went down a bit - but after 3000 miles, and inflating the tires to 40 psi from 35 psi, my range is back up to where it should be. Although the BFG tires are not a low rolling resistance tire, having a good set of tires completely changed the driving dynamic of the car for the better, especially in sport mode at high speeds.

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Mr X - also note that estimated EV range is 44 miles with one bar already used. That is an excellent EV range for most ELR drivers. I'm one of the outliers who get over 55 miles EV range (2014 ELR) all year round. How much would the dealer charge to transport the ELR from Naperville, IL to CA?

See my two photos that show 60 EV miles (only in spring and fall) and 57 miles (summer). FYI, I almost always drive solo, no HVAC. My daily weekday commute is 100 miles, and I maximize surface street drives.

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Right now I'm #1 on Voltstats ELR Hall of Fame, but we've been bouncing around a lot lately. I also have one of the highest real world CS MPG at 37.77 MPG - running 87 octane exclusively (My 2012 Volt got 41.28 MPGcs running exclusively on 87 octane).

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I have a 39 mile commute daily each way. I typically get to work with 3-4 miles of battery range left untapped. Unfortunately I only have access to a 110V outlet at work to recharge, so when I start my commute home I only have 20-25 miles of battery range accumulated, which I manage to squeeze ~ 30 miles of all-electric range out of before the ICE comes on.

I would get battery better range except for 2 factors: 1.) I have to cross a range of coastal hills between my house at the beach and my office 39 miles away (maybe ~ 700' elevation gain to get over these hills, and what you gain coming down the other side is definitely less than what you expend climbing it first). 2.) everyone here in So Cal drives at > 75 mph on the freeway whenever they can, which is my preference too. But when I get slowed in stop & go traffic or even just 50 mph flow in heavy traffic, my range increases SIGNIFICANTLY!!

Fortunately for my happiness, but unfortunately for my ranking on ELR Stats ("Laguna Beach ELR"), between the toll roads and the HOV Carpool lane which I get to use solo in the ELR, I am usually driving at high freeway speeds to shorten my commute time.
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42-44 on the guess o meter. I'm at 15k miles and in Fl with AC set to max. The stock potenza tires suck. I'd get much more range if my first 3.5 miles weren't my dirt road driveway. I can usually get 50 or more to a single charge doing a long trip before the ice kicks in. ICE gets about 38-44 on 91/93 with crapahol added depending on temp and how much crap I'm hauling around. It'll get 48-52 or more on rec90 non ethanol gas.

I'm a somewhat aggressive driver, live by the 9 your fine 10 your mine on the highway and watch waze.

I didn't pay much more for mine "new" ( 38k OTD In March 2017 ) still on an MSO. And It still qualifies for the tax credit. Look around see if there are still some leftovers. Mine I found at a tiny caddy dealer in the middle of nowhere when I was visiting my dad when he went into hospice. It wasn't advertised.
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Only had my car 1 month but here is a good story. I totaled my last one but this is the same car. This one has never been charged 24k miles and never charged run hard at FT Worth freeway speeds and put away wet. First charge when I got it home was 22 mi. I have been doing 1 hr laps and put a set of S Drive tires on it the Potenza were LRR but road like rocks and on my old one I could get up to 45mpe. I lose 10% with the S Drives but over time I have gotten it up to 42mpe and still climbing. My average speed is 35mph lotsa stop and go traffic. The tires are awesome it actually rides like a Cadillac not a Corvette. Now to get the mpg ove 270 old car was low 300's he whipped this puppy good 70+ mph for all those miles. and under 30 mpg on gas.
Dallas Fort Worth freeway speeds are what 4 mph bumper to bumper. Lol. I drove my RV to New Mexico and had dinner and a nap at a Cracker Barrel. Overslept woke up at 5:30am. Driving a full size RV in Dallas and up past Plano in morning rush hour and around was a white knuckle experience. Tiny lanes. All construction, idiot drivers as usual.

Check your tire wear and pressure. I find 34-36 my dealer sets mine at to be too low and the shoulders wear. 42 feels much smoother and much more miles per charge. The volt I had was just he same needed to run 44 psi to get even wear.
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