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What else "cut" for the 2014 $5k MSRP drop?

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Found a NEW '14 sitting on a dealer's lot locally. With a motivated dealer, running the numbers could make me owe LESS after tax credit than what's left on my '13--wouldn't mind getting paid to drive a new car! It's also a later build date, so it may have the 17.1 kWh battery. Getting a few extra EV miles is not bad either.

However, my '13 is solid and I'm wondering if anything else was "cheapened" on the '14 Volt for the $5k MSRP drop. I couldn't get a solid answer from searching besides the following:

--eliminated automatic charge door opener (actually like this, but can deal with it)
--eliminated two-tone accents on the leather seats (a personal preference I really like, and will decide in-person if I can part with my ceramic white accents--fortunately this particular '14 has the white center stack)

Anything else? Is the gas door still locking?

I know GM shaved costs somewhere and am wondering if there are other things "unseen" that may make the car less reliable or less of a keeper than the solid '13 I have now.
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An interesting thread - I didn't see any real conclusion though. FWIW my 2012 has a button on the centre stack for adjusting the time. I have had the 4G upgrade and it still didn't alter the clock. I expect the chip is programmed for global use and doesn't know where you are or if and when DST kicks in. England and Europe, for instance, are a week ahead of North America.
I supposedly had this "upgrade" to 4G done also, but I don't notice any difference. Did you? It still takes forever to load the car's status from the app. Maybe this is improved in the '15 and Gen2 with the wifi hotspot. I don't think this is improved on the '14.
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