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What else "cut" for the 2014 $5k MSRP drop?

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Found a NEW '14 sitting on a dealer's lot locally. With a motivated dealer, running the numbers could make me owe LESS after tax credit than what's left on my '13--wouldn't mind getting paid to drive a new car! It's also a later build date, so it may have the 17.1 kWh battery. Getting a few extra EV miles is not bad either.

However, my '13 is solid and I'm wondering if anything else was "cheapened" on the '14 Volt for the $5k MSRP drop. I couldn't get a solid answer from searching besides the following:

--eliminated automatic charge door opener (actually like this, but can deal with it)
--eliminated two-tone accents on the leather seats (a personal preference I really like, and will decide in-person if I can part with my ceramic white accents--fortunately this particular '14 has the white center stack)

Anything else? Is the gas door still locking?

I know GM shaved costs somewhere and am wondering if there are other things "unseen" that may make the car less reliable or less of a keeper than the solid '13 I have now.
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On 2014;
Gas door still locking.
Clock is auto updated for DST.
I still have the original 2G radio. And OnStar is still active. No XM.

My wife has a 2015 Ford C-Max Energi and just got a note from Ford that they will upgrade the radio, due to older cellular service being phased out (didn't provide details).
The charge door is more convenient for sharing EV spots than my coworkers 2012/13s, and is more reliable with no potential CELs from it.
Agree x2,
I once returned to my Volt (plugged into a public ChargePoint), and another Volt was parked beside it, although not in an EVSE slot, as if waiting for the plug. I unplugged my car, pulled the plug over to the other Volt, pushed on the door, but whoops, it's locked. Can't help you like that!
1 - 3 of 35 Posts
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