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What does MPVDD in VoltStats stand for?

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I have had my 2014 Volt Premium for about 6 weeks now. Absolutely love it.
In VoltStats what does the acronym MPVDD stand for? I looked but could not find it. I do realize I will feel silly after you tell me and at that point I will know I should have been able to figure it.
Thank you.

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It is your average miles for those days that you drove your Volt. Miles per vehicle day driven (MPVDD).
Thank you Sir. I sort of figured it would be something to do with that. I am shooting for 60%/70% EV miles. My commute is not perfect for the car, unfortunately. When I bought it the percentage was 86% EV miles but it has been dropping and hopefully will settle around my goal.

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1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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