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Hello all-
As you know, the best prices on Volts seem to be in CA. I believe I could lease a car out in CA and have it shipped elsewhere in the country, correct? What would I need to know about doing such a transaction?
1.) The shipping company would ship it right to your house, correct? How long would it take to ship a car from say CA to Virginia for example?
2.) What sort of protection is there if they were to ship me a car that was less than 100%? How is the car insured during the journey?
3.) For these CA dealers, is shipping a car routine?
4.) Do they all pretty much use the same shipper? Or do I choose that? And any recommendations?
5.) All warranty issues would still be covered by a local dealer, correct?
6.) Do these sorts of transactions ever go bad? If so, how?
7.) Anything else you can think to tell me that I might need to know?

While I'm here... I don't currently lease/own a GM car and thus I don't have any sort of 'private offer'. Others on the forum said that I could simply say "I left it at home", but two things: 1.) I'm not willing to lie about it 2.) I have found that the dealers haven't been able to get around my not having the private offer. Any thoughts?

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