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What Created this Windwhield Crack Pattern?

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On Friday, the weather was hot, but not unusually so.

I came out about 6PM and saw this weird spiral crack pattern on my windshield. Please see the attached photos.

Does anyone know what could cause this?

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Angry ex-gf?
I wish. :)

As for impact, consider that the front of the car is a foot from the garage door. I have trouble visualizing the trajectory of an object.
What's that thing sitting above the center of the crack?
Random cracklets.
Thanks everyone for your advice.

The fellow from Safelite AutoGlass agrees that it was an impact, but I don't know from what.

A golf ball is a real possibility, but I just can't visualize a parabola that ends in a vertical drop. If the golf ball hit the roof and rolled, it would have fallen only half a story and really hit hard. Also, the golfer had to retrieve the ball almost immediately without my wife seeing him after the popping sound.

Again, thanks all.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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