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What are these Bolt EV buttons for?

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I was over on the other Bolt forum and this question came up that caught my attention. The original question was what are the three empty buttons to the right of the Traction Control off button for? I found a good image of the buttons in the Ampera E so they are used on the Opel but now I'm wondering what Opel uses them for?

It looks like something to do with parking and I'm guessing something to do with lane departure warning?
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I watched a recent TFL car review where the Bolt engineer was asked about those buttons. His response was that in Europe there is a requirement to have several functions that are typically on the steering wheel also present on the instrument cluster. That is why they are blanks in the US version of the Bolt.

Makes sense to me. Also - looking at the screenshot above, the buttons are (from left to right):
Sport Mode
Traction Control Off
Automatic Parking (Parallel / Perpendicular)
Park Assist
Lane Keep Assist

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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