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Today, my wife and I went down to Tillamook Oregon fishing in one of the many pristine rivers. We drove down via Highway 101 where speeds ranged from 25-65 MPH. Fishing was not great as we caught only 1 trout, and no steelhead, but it was a very warm day for Jan. The high temp was 68F and the low was 55F on the way back at 5:00 PM.

We took our 2016 Volt Premier which had all our fishing gear and my wife's camera gear as well. When we arrived home the total miles for the trip was 127.8, we still had 3 miles left of electric range on the dash.

Electric miles:61.6 with an indicated 13.9 KWH used

Gas miles: 66.3 miles with and indicated 1.25 gal's use (reg. 87 octane Costco Gas with 10% Ethanol winter blend)

MPG displayed on gas: 53.4 MPG

Now the same trip with temps' in the 40's would have yielded somewhere around 48 MPG on gas and 48-50 miles of electric.

It cost less money to use our Volt to take a trip like this than if we used our 2010 Prius with the exact temps.

$6.27 for the Prius (based on 53 MPG with gas at $2.60 / gal)
$5.05 for the Volt (1.80 for electric and $3.25 for gas @ $2.60 / gal)

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Yes, the Prius makes sense for people with extremely long trips or commutes (150+ miles or so), but otherwise the Volt is more economical. Of course the Bolt is even better for trips under 238 miles with a charge at the end, about $3.60 for your trip.
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