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Well, forget a 2015. I'm going for a 2014 unless...

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You can change my mind...

Not crazy with the reduced freeway miles range. 10 miles!!! Thats just a stupid move. There is no reason they couldn't put the same size battery using the LG battery and since the LG is supposedly more efficient, then they would have gotten easily over 100 miles.

Instead, its less on the one thing that is hardest for EV's to do which is straight freeway range..

What the hell is GM thinking?
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It's a compliance car , so they may decide to dump it once the Bolt becomes available .
The Plymouth superbird was also a compliance car. In order to qualify using that it in NASCAR, MOPAR had to build 1500 vehicles and sell them to the general public. I miss those days of nascar as the current cars all look like the same sheet metal with stickers to make them look like a ford or a Toyota. And who really believes that a Camry or a fusion should be a race car? Puhhhlease!!!
IHO, that would be foolish... Keep the price down... plenty of people like me who dont want to spend 38K and dont need 200 miles of range. The Spark would be it would help to pay for the development costs that have already been invested..
Tony Williams tested one and it showed a 10 mile decrease
I searched for this test and could not find it. Can you please provide a link?

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