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Weird phone glitch with infotainment system

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I have a 2017 Volt Premier and up till a week or so ago I have not had any kind of problems with the center console, but suddenly almost every time I get in and turn the car on, I find that the car thinks that it is making a call through my myself! The phone knows nothing of this, there's never anything in the call logs, but I noticed this when I suddenly couldn't hear my music and found the phone was active (although, again, it actually wasn't). I haven't changed anything recently on my phone or car that would account for this.

Does this ring a bell for anyone?
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I'm pretty sure the car doesn't get any over the air updates, so if something changed it probably wasn't on the car.

I've had phantom calls on my console when connections get dropped between my phone and system. (The console keeps ringing and ringing and ringing... even when my phone is idle.) I have to pull over and reboot the car to make it stop.) But, this sounds different.

Maybe its from and update you got on your phone. I'd first try deleting your phone from the bluetooth and then re-adding it.
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