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Weird phone glitch with infotainment system

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I have a 2017 Volt Premier and up till a week or so ago I have not had any kind of problems with the center console, but suddenly almost every time I get in and turn the car on, I find that the car thinks that it is making a call through my myself! The phone knows nothing of this, there's never anything in the call logs, but I noticed this when I suddenly couldn't hear my music and found the phone was active (although, again, it actually wasn't). I haven't changed anything recently on my phone or car that would account for this.

Does this ring a bell for anyone?
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Thanks! I thought about what you said and remembered I had a somewhat tricky (but useful) app called Bluetooth Volume Control. I was able to remove the Volt connection from that app and now everything's fine.

Edit: the Wyzecam app will also cause this problem independently. If it's open, even in background, when you connect to the car, it will do exactly the same thing.
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