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Weird Noise during Paddle Regen

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Is this normal for my 2017 Volt to generate the same noise as hard-braking when pulling the paddle for a long time before almost stopping?

I just noticed this recently, I haven't noticed it in the past 18 months or so. There's that weird noise if I pull on the paddle to slow the down the car over long distance, the same noise when friction brakes are engaged.
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There should be hardly any noise for either of those things. But the paddle and the brake pedal both engage regenerative braking, which can make a slight whining noise, so it is normal for them to both make the same sound if either one does it. My hearing is not the best, but I don't hear it unless the windows are open, radio off, fan off and at low speed. Then it is still pretty low.

If the noise is loud, it may mean you have a problem, like maybe a bad bearing.
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