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Weight distribution left right / front back?

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Been meaning to ask for a long while but just checking tyre pressures reminded me -

I have always noticed that the front left tyre seems to be more heavily compressed than the right. Of course the electric trans-axle is right there on the left, and nothing of any significance like that on the other side of the engine.

So, excluding loads (also excluding driver), in an empty car parked up, what is the actual weight load on each of the 4 corners of the car?

(This was directed at Gen 1, but I suppose comparing with Gen 2 could be interesting too.)

Anyone know, or anyone with a pad-scales thing you can drive onto to check each wheel?
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My understanding (for a Gen 1) has been that the front/rear is roughly 55/45
(In fact I just verified that with the GM door sticker)

I have no idea about the side to side but I think it's probably just a hair over to the drivers side.

Somewhere I used to have a diagram showing the center of gravity (again, on a Gen 1) as sitting roughly 2" higher than the bottom plastic trim on the side and approximately where the gearshift lever is.

Basically about this... (rough estimate) though I do think a full tank of fuel moves that balance back a few inches.

If you really want to dig deep in terms of suspension vs ride performance and quality, this is an interesting article.

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GVWR does not indicate the actual weight - it is a maximum allowable rating. The actual balance is available on line from various road tests, etc., and is, if I recall, somewhere well over 60% F/R.

Jed is asking what the balance might be left to right. I can't remember ever having seen that published for any car. It would probably also vary for right and left-had drive versions of the same car, like a Gen1 volt and a Vauxhall Ampera of Holden Voit.
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