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Week 3 of FMM and RoD Paddle Delays

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Hi All,

Bought my 2017 g2 Volt last April (2016). As usual, the car came with a full tank of gas from the dealer. My daily commute is 20 miles round trip on local roads and I seldom do more than my commute or local errands. I've touched the range extender so infrequently that I was hit with FMM on a full tank. I'm now in week 3 of driving with gas and can't wait for this to end!

My biggest complaint, aside from having to pollute and my EV range dropping from 64 miles down to 59 already, is that the Regen On-Demand feature that I use religiously just doesn't work the same when in this mode. I'm used to slowing my Volt down with the RoD paddle. When the range extender is on, it seems that holding the paddle first waits for the gas engine to stop and then it applies - which typically takes about 5 seconds to work. That's a long delay when I'm used to easing off the accelerator peddle and holding the RoD paddle to slow down.

Anyway, I have 140 miles left on the gas tank so at this rate, maybe I'll be back to driving in pure EV next week. I definitely won't be filling the tank after this ;-).
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I asked my dealer not to fill the tank during PDI when I bought it last Aug, but the kid doing to PDI followed the normal routine they use for thousands of new car deliveries for the last few decades and took it to the gas station, but as he was fueling he remembered being told not to fuel it, so he stopped the pump and called the salesman. Bottom line he added about 5 gallons to the 2 that were in the car. So I took delivery with 7.2 gallons of gas. So far I have driven our 2017 Volt over 6300 miles as my DD and have used about 1.2 gallons leaving me with about 5 gallons sloshing around in my tank. VoltStats reports I have driven my 2017 Volt 99.2% of the miles off the battery.

So come this Aug I'll be forced to burn off some of the 5 gallons. Not sure how much it will burn off. Or I could fill the tank only to delay the FMM a few months. I do have a LONG trip planned to visit our grand children in Maryland but we'll take our new GMC Acadia on that trip since we need the added people and cargo space in the Acadia during the trip.

I have used more gas in my lawn mower this spring than I have in my Volt.
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