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I want to be able to pull up the door knob manually (no electricity required) to unlock the door. I was able to do that for any other car that I've owned (to manually change the lock knob to locked/unlocked positions). But in volt, that's not possible once the door is locked and the lock knob dips. I need to press that lock/unlock button (requires electricity) or pull the door handle (requires electricity?)

I am wondering about this for safety reason. What is there is no electricity or it is not working anymore in an emergency situation and the door is locked? I have to break the glass to get out? How do I pull out that door knob physically?

On pg. 9 of 2018 manual, it says:

To lock or unlock the doors from
inside the vehicle:
. Press on the power door
lock switch.
. Push down the manual lock
knob on the driver door to lock
all doors. Push down the manual
lock knob on a passenger door
to lock only that door.
. Pull once on the door handle to
unlock the door and again to
open the door. Press the power
door lock switch to lock or
unlock all doors.
You must not have owned a new car in a very long time. I haven't seen a lock knob that you can physically grab in more than 10 years. Pulling the door handle will open the knob. Pull on it a second time and the door will open. No electricity required.
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