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Warning "Service Heater" message

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I purchased 2017 volt summit white fully loaded with every option. Had to wait 5 days to get it trucked in from Northern BC. On day of arrival noted it was extremely cold in the vehicle and I just figured I did not know how to operate the heating system. 2200 km's later or about 1400 miles it is still cold both on electric and ICE. On route to favourite free charging station in Surrey BC. and I get the following message on the screen "Service Heater"

No problem so I call blonde star, on hold for 6 minutes, then I get an english speaking person who is concerned but states she will have to transfer me to tech support, 5 minutes on hold a male answers and then states he cannot help me as he is in the US and not Canada and transfers me to another person which is a recording, press 1 for blah blah blah, press 2 for blah blah and so on, as there is no way to do this I am tortured for 9 minutes of recordings trying every version of operator or agent thinking that it might recognize these words, nope back to beginning of recording, another person finally answers and this person states she has to transfer me to a "volt ambassador" thank you I think, then I get transferred to a person who does not speak any english or acts like he does not understand me, and when I attempt to explain him my problem he wants the VIN number of my vehicle, needless to say I really could not believe this and pull out my registration to give him this info, he now wants to know what my problem is, I inform him and he asks if it is all right to put me on hold(like I really have a choice) and comes back again asking what my problem is, I explain it to him and he asks me what do I want him to do, needless to say I do not think the person has ever seen a car, as he did not understand where the warning messages come from and kept asking was it on the radio screen, I told him it was on the 8" display screen above the steering column but he did not even understand that.

After another 10 minutes he then asked me it I wished to make an appointment at a GM dealer in the area which I was driving which was 102 km's away from my home. I informed him could they get me in within the next couple of hours to which he replied will if not today then tomorrow (I could be wrong about this as he was extremely hard to understand) I finally asked him to contact my dealer by my home and ask them if they could look at problem today and I would cancel my days appointments and return home. The Volt ambassador stated he would and would follow up with me the following day to make sure everything went smoothly.

After 44 minutes with blonde star (which I really should not be saying but after my 44 minute experience, this was the most polite thing I could think of)they finally disconnected. After thinking about the Volt Ambassador's lack of knowledge I decided to call my dealer who had no appointment scheduled for me and assured me if I could get there by 3:30 they would have their real Volt specialist look at my vehicle before quitting time at 4:30.

I arrived at 3:30 and the dealership was extremely busy , however after explaining what had happen Mike the advisor got immediately into my car to take it to their specialist and then came back and booked me in and did the paperwork.

While I was awaiting the outcome of the "Service Heater" problem I stopped by the parts department to but some premier black painted wheels which I had to twist their arm to get a great price extremely close to ""

After 30 minutes Mike located me and states their tech has not found an exact problem but rest assured he starts at 7:45 the following day and will continue working to resolve the problem.

The dealership then drove both my wife and I home some 12 km's away.

Now today at 10:40 I received a call from the dealer explaining that the found out the problem is the heater which is a 300 volt heater coil that heats cooling fluid that is circulated throughout the heating system in the car. Now the bad news they are having problems ordering the part and must be approved from GM first which they expect to be completed by Monday and then couriered by air arriving Tuesday with the repair completed for possibly Wednesday.

Not good I figure and you really cannot expect this to be caught in PDI, so at least they are renting me a 2017 fully loaded summit white chevy cruze.

Now comparing the 2 vehicles in appearance they are almost identical, with the exception if the Volt is superior in trim and options. The Cruze is responsive light and fairly fast however I keep looking at the gas gauge dropping considering I have only filled the gas tank once in the Volt and I still had 1/2 a tank left.

So I drove 110 km's to have a service light come on followed by 44 minutes of torture with On Star, then to arrive at the dealership with no promised appointment followed by what appears to be a rare break down of a part that needs authorization from GM head office in Canada to be replaced. At least the dealership took pity on me gave me a great deal on new wheels, and a promised great price on exchanging tires from my wheels, then a nice ride home followed by follow up, and a ride to rental agency to a Volt clone, what was a bad experience in a rare break down followed up by terrible torturing service from "on Star" was remedied by an excellent service agent who cared about my time and a compassionate parts department who tried to show compassion by offering a steal of a deal on factory painted premier wheels.
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Sounds like a good dealer. Sounds like you should voice a complaint with OnStar. If you're lucky, you can get free year on top of your existing service. For a service that you're supposed to rely on, that's a pretty inept handling of a customer asking for help. Far cry than the typical stories I read on this forum where at the least, the OnStar rep could read your codes remotely and give them to you.
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