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Wanted: Gen2 front license plate holder

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I'd like to have a front license plate but my Gen 2 Volt came with a generic plate holder (mounted slightly crooked by Carmax) that is about to fail. I found them for about $40-45 on various sites. Anyone here would like to part ways with their front plate holder? I can Venmo you the shipping if I can save a few bucks. I live in greater Sacramento area. If so PM me please. Thanks
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$40 for license plate holder? GM is really making money out of Volt parts. Just checked my docs and I paid $12 shipped in 2017 off ebay.
Or, you could consider getting a license plate wrap, if the program still exists in California (the article says the program was to be evaluated in January 2023). Also, "the cost for the stick-on plate is $93.89 including tax.". From the article of June 2022:

"Drivers in California are now able to ditch bulky front license plates in favor of a plate-sized vinyl sticker. For those living in areas where front license plates are required, going with a sticker sounds like heaven as it eliminates plastic brackets, holes in the bumper, and it just looks better. That's especially true on many modern cars with big grilles and little room for a 12-inch-wide piece of aluminum.

Right now, California is the only US state with a front-plate requirement that offers this option. You can bet other states are watching, and we know car-crazy enthusiasts are watching because we've heard as much. We also know folks are curious about how the process works, even those not living in California. We were curious as well, so we spent some time learning about these so-called license plate wraps."

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No holder needed. No new holes drilled. I did trim a bit around the edges.
i'll sell you one for $37 if you can do zelle. 240-353-9175 text me
I appreciate the replies. The "decal" version is now over $130 and it looks goofy on most cars they showcase on their site; I would not do that to my Volt. I'll probably get me a universal bracket for around $10 from amazon. Thanks all.
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