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Since you're in Cali, there is a 16 available for a lease takeover, but it has the Kona seat package:

On the upside, the Kona leather seats are a bit more comfortable. On the downside, I found that the light colored interior dashboard creates a lot a glare off the windshield..

The inventory of 2016 ELR cars is pretty limited - shop around!
This is a clean car, I test drove it and decided I had to have a 16 instead of a 14. Price is so high because it is leased and reflects the remaining lease obligations (established before the car was discontinued & resale values tanked) & buyout value.

Loved the Kona seats! But I got ebony which will look new longer IMO. (Not a big fan of the Cashmere interiors personally)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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