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I see the "unofficial" waiting list has topped the 10,000 mark. That is great news, it shows people really have an interest.

What I'm talking about here is "serious" interest. I want to get on an official GM waiting list, AND I'm ready to put out some CASH UP FRONT.

Is there anywhere I can do this, I would love to be one of the first on the road with this great looking car.

Thanks for listening.
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I will not give a deposit until a hard price is determined between me and a dealer. Too much gamesmanship can go on with potential tax credits, dealer markups,base pricing, etc.

Afterall, if the govt gives a tax credit, who will get it in the end? The dealer or GM? It won't be the consumer, if we are not careful.

It also has to meet my styling standards before I will consider it as well. That may be the tougher requirement.
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