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WA Resident Looking for 2017 Volt

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Had a 3-year Volt lease back in 2013 that expired last year, but the 2016 wasn't available around here so I held off. I'm now looking at getting a new Volt in the next few weeks, but deals around this area don't seem to be very enticing at the moment - locally the best I'm seeing is $500-$1500 off of MSRP and not much in the way of incentives or rebates.

I'm in the Seattle area and I'm potentially willing to make a weekend trip for a good deal. I'm not sure what of the great deals posted here are available OOS or not.
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Washington State is probably not an ideal state to buy a new Volt. It seems that the government has no problem with incentives to have people buy electric cars, and than stab you in the back with higher fees. Also when electric rates are high, .25 per KWH or so you are better off not buying a Volt, unless you are generating you own electricity...
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