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WA Resident Looking for 2017 Volt

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Had a 3-year Volt lease back in 2013 that expired last year, but the 2016 wasn't available around here so I held off. I'm now looking at getting a new Volt in the next few weeks, but deals around this area don't seem to be very enticing at the moment - locally the best I'm seeing is $500-$1500 off of MSRP and not much in the way of incentives or rebates.

I'm in the Seattle area and I'm potentially willing to make a weekend trip for a good deal. I'm not sure what of the great deals posted here are available OOS or not.
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I decided not to get an electric car. Washington State is making it very expensive. If you use PSE energy, the electricity is nearly as expensive per mile as gas. The State is also charging and EV surcharge on your vehicle registration, and now, Sound Transit 3 is going to make your tabs very very expensive because it is based on MSRP. There isn't any savings. I see lots full of Volts at the Chevy dealerships around here. GM needs to get a clue and drop the price about 20%.
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