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VW ID4 is still a budget EV

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The ID4 a good looking vehicle and seems to be well put together. However, it's still a bit austere on the inside and some of the trim feels a bit cheap for a $40K-$50K vehicle.

Take a look at the inside door frames for example. Could VW spend a couple of bucks to cover and trim the bare metal door frame for this $40K to $50K car?

Look at a Volt's door trim compared to a VW ID4. Granted it's a minor detail but subtle details do make a difference!
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I think you're right but $10K more is awfully expensive to pay for door trims and some rings on the grille. 😁
Demonstably a good business model. Toyota has made billions in profits building a Camry with leather seats and gold trim and convincing the proles they're buying a Lexus.

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1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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