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I've had my pre-owned, base model, 2014 Volt for 6 months now and have added 4,700 miles in that time.
Of those, 4,431.7 miles are listed as electric, 365.9 miles as gasoline.

Electric input (kWh meter solely for the EVSE) in that time is 1337.84 kWh, (3.31m/kWh) at a mix of peak ($0.131 per kWh) and off peak ($0.065 per kWh) energy and delivery charges. That works out to an average of $0.070 per kWh pumped into the battery. Electric cost is $0.021 per mile driven.
Converting kWh to BTU, and then BTU to energy equivalent in a gallon of gasoline comes up with an estimated 120 MPG equivalent for that distance on that number of kWh.

Gasoline use (as displayed on the car's infonoyance screen) in that time totals to 10.0 gallons (36.6 mpg) at $2.999 per gallon or $0.082 per mile driven under gasoline.

$93.41 to the electric co., and $30.02 to big oil, for 4,700 miles is 2.6 cents per mile.
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