The Chevrolet Volt received favorable reviews at the UK’s Goodwood Festival of Speed over the weekend, where its price was announced, and it received a bonus plug from American car enthusiast Jay Leno.

The “world’s first E-REV car” will cost £28,545 (including £5,000 government grant), when it is released though UK dealers some time in spring, 2012.

If the exchange calculators are correct, this is about $45,726 (with pre-incentive price being around $53,735 before the British government kicks in an $8,009 grant).

The occasion for the Volt’s presence was Chevrolet’s celebration of its centenary, and the company said the car represented the ideal symbol for another hundred years of innovation.

Chevrolet Volt. Due for sale in UK next spring.

“We wanted to back up a century of progress with our vision for the next century,” said Chevrolet UK Managing Director, Mark Terry. “Except it’s more than a vision, it’s a reality.”

As for one of America’s most famous celebrities and collectors of many cool vehicles, Jay Leno shared his enthusiasm for the Volt with Telegraph UK writer Chris Knapman from the seat of a 550-horsepower Jaguar.

Here’s the exchange recorded by Knapman:

That's a great car," yelled Jay Leno through the window of his Jaguar XKR-S.

"Is he talking to us?" I say to my passenger, Hoss Hassani, who incidentally has the amazing job title of "head of iconic products, Chevrolet," as well as the slightly less amazing task of being my passenger for a run up the hill.

"I drive everywhere in mine. I've only had to put gas in it twice," beamed Leno, confirming that he must be talking about my Chevrolet Volt, rather than the Pagani Huayra, Covini C6W, Lamborghini Aventador or Ferrari FF that were surrounding us.

"Do I need Mountain mode to get up the hill?" I asked.

"Sport mode," he replied. "You'll have great fun. I'm trying to drive my Volt for a year without putting any gas in it. I love it." And with that he was gone.

Leno has already shown himself to be a fan of the Volt.

Leno – and the Volt – apparently had a positive effect, as Knapman had only good things to say.

“Judging from this brief blast at Goodwood it’s going to be an impressive machine,” Knapman wrote, “not to mention a genuinely viable alternative to traditional petrol and diesel models, and a different approach to the hybrids offered for sale by Toyota and Honda.”

Chevrolet is similarly emphasizing the basic virtues of the Volt, prepping journalists and would-be Volt buyers to fully grasp the car that will run on (exorbitant) petrol, but does not need to.

“The Volt is a truly incredible car – the first ever compromise-free electric car with zero-emissions capability,” said Chevrolet's Terry. “You can use it for going to work and back during the week without ever putting fuel in, but it’s also an electric car that you can use for a family holiday. There are never any concerns that a flat battery will leave you stranded.”

Of the Volt’s pricing, Chevrolet said it is “less expensive than some traditional petrol or diesel engined five-door hatchbacks. Of course, by plugging it in, you’ll save yourself a fortune.”

All UK Volts will come with full leather interior as standard. The Volt is due to cost a little less than a Vauxhall Ampera.

Source: GM UK , Telegraph UK .