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Volts on Carvana

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As I get closer to trigger-time, I am looking all the more closely at the Volts for sale...including on Carvana.

One thing I have noticed while checking the history on the Carvana Volts is that the majority of them seem to be Michigan leases, with NY, OH, NJ and PA making up the majority of the rest.

I have probably checked the history on 20 Volts so far, and only two of them were not from one of the above states (the two were one each from TX and FL). Of course, trying to find a southern vehicle that also matches my color and mileage criteria is proving to be difficult.

I grew up in Wisconsin in the 60s and 70s, so naturally have an aversion to vehicles from the "rust belt".

But, perhaps I am over-reacting? How much damage can 3 winters do to these much-better rustproofed/galvanized etc cars? Surely not nearly so much damage as was evident on the old '73 Monte Carlo?!!

Anyone want to set me straight? :) Am I putting too much emphasis on the winter effect on a 2014/2105?


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I'm from the NorthEast, I know exactly what the concerns are and they are justified. All it takes for some under-body, hard to clean places to start the destruction.Wait for one from the south, while cars are better protected from the factory, the ones up North will still end their days as a rust issues. Down here in FL, you can buy vehicles 20-30 years old and have no rust what so ever.
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