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I know, I know... gonna get some flak for this, but I'm willing to be the guinea pig here.

Trailer is 57" wide by 8 feet long. Weighs 290 lbs (132kg) and is made in Minnesota by a company named Floe.

Capacity is 1800 lbs (815kg). On the tongue it it shows that it can carry up to 33 sheets of 4'x8'x1/2" plywood.

Trip home from the dealer was about 50 miles. pulled at 70 mph like nothing was there.
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Awesome, much appreciate the report. I'm sorry your daughter has to live in a storage facility. Okay, just kidding, really! But why do they build garages in front of perfectly nice townhouses?
I'm glad I'm not the only person that was thinking the same. It's the same color, but what about the rims? You could have two Volt spares rolling on your trailer!

I confess, I installed the 2000lb-rated Draw-Tite hitch tonite. It was soooo cold when I did it, and the frozen caked on mud in the wheel wells made getting at those 5 screws hard. What's worse is the wiring. Getting the wiring loom to the right taillight is so hard around the subwoofer. I did that last night and it was harder than the hitch.
Did you have to splice in the wiring or was there a plug-n-play kit.

When I put a Curt hitch on my Prius. They also offered a p-n-p kit for it. The installation was easy and looks factory.

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It was plugnplay, but you have to pull the existing taillight plug back thru the body and remove the rubber grommet, which is hard, but made harder because the subwoofer blocks your hand from maneuvering behind the taillight. Then you push all the plugs, 3 of them, back out thru the hole, and then push the rubber grommet back thru. Very hard. And, the amount of space for the 3 plugs is not much, so you have to adjust them around until they fit when you push the taillights back into place. I did it, but like I said, it was harder than installing the hitch. Plus, there's no mention of the subwoofer in the install instructions. You can call, but it was nighttime when I did it.
Well that sucks.
My contribution...

So, not long ago, I bought a used Waverunner, and had to install a hitch to my 2016 Volt. I got the 2000lb rated one from eTrailer.

I backed up my Volt onto some Rhino ramps, but then decided to jack up each side, to remove the wheel in order to more easily access the screws in the wheel well. I used this spot under the spring to jack. Probably not recommended, but it looked like a safe place to jack from so I did it.
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I was able to just push in the wheel well liner to access the one 7mm with a wrench, since I didn't have a socket in that size.
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The electrical has plug-in connecters, but you have to push in the rubber gaskets in order to push the connectors out, then put the gasket back. On the left it was hard but doable. On the right, if you have a subwoofer installed, it's nigh impossible to get your arm back behind there to pull the gasket out.
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With everything removed, the under tray is very dirty.
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The 2000lb hitch seems to fit better on the rightside than the 1000lb hitch, as the flange sticks down to cover the exhaust bolts.
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My Contribution... continued

So, the completed install looks like:
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And, I went and got my Waverunner over the weekend, 850lbs for the Waverunner and 250lbs for the trailer, so about 1100lbs in total.
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I averaged about 41mpg doing 70mph on a cold day in charge-sustaining mode on the highway to get it, and about 25mpg on the way home doing 65mph, so I finished with 33mpg roundtrip.

Pulls fine, no issues whatsoever.
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Haven't thought about slick boat ramps as it's still Winter here! Anyhow, when it does come time to launch, I use a spot at my neighbor's house, so I'll be sure to pick a nice day.
Well that was inexpensive, thanks to the internet!

Tires didn't show any additional heat, while towing and the coolant temp was between 180 and 199 degrees the whole time. The rear view camera really helps when backing up, it stares right down on the towball. Would be nice to be able to look at it from time to time while driving cause you can't see the tires tracking from the side mirrors like you usually can with wider trailers.
I would think the biggest difference may be in the aero profiles of the trailers. Which one has taller walls? I mean, they both are the same width, so the frontal area, depends on the height of the wall. Longer is usually more aero, but I'd guess that benefit is small. If it has a tailgate, perhaps, removing the gate will benefit mpg.
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