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Voltec Warranty

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My 2014 volt needed a replacement of the fluid tank and sensor connected to the battery system. The dealership states that this isn't part of the Voltec Warranty even though it is connected to the battery system. I can't find detailed information on the warranty anywhere, including logging into my account on Chevy's site or contacting customer service lines. Does anyone have access to the warranty manual? Does it even exist? The manual doesn't seem to be available on Chevrolet & Geo Volt 2014 ( either.
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I took my 2014 in in Nov 2021 for the replacement of the level sensor and not charging. They said it wasn't covered and would cost over $600.00 + another $150.00 for recommended module reprogramming. I called the dealer I bought it from, new in 2014 and they said it would be covered. But they were quite a ways away. I showed the dealer the attached SB and they came back 15 min later saying they called Chevrolet Customer Care and got it fully covered as a concession. I guess they were covering their asses.


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