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Volt vs Prius - First 22 Months of Sales

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I've seen it mentioned how the Volt is doing versus the Prius during the same period, but I never saw the numbers. So I've compiled them. The data is in the attached spreadsheet, along with the links to the source data.

These are USA sales specific. I show the Prius started sales in July 2000 and the Volt in Dec 2010. I call this "First Month". The first 12 months of sales are "First Year". Then we have months 14 through 23 (October 2012 Volt numbers included).

SPOILER ALERT: The Volt now has monthly sales exceeding the Prius at the same period in its sales history.

Volt: 27306
Prius: 228989

If Volt sales continue even at the same rate, the Volt will overtake the Prius in total unit sales over the same timeframe within about 3-4 months. Also interesting is that the Volt actually surpassed the Prius' sales rate back in March on a like-for-like basis. You can see how it's now on an accelerated path well above what the Prius did. July appears to have been the breakout month where things really started to take off.

Spreadsheet is here.
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These numbers are quite interesting, and the sales growth patterns are very parallel. One factor that is going to make a major difference, however, is that the Prius didn't have real competition. The Volt does. The next few years should be fun.
The Prius had a different kind of competition: cheap gas.
Off and on, sure, but the problem with gasoline prices were the volatility, even when the Prius was first selling. I remember gas being $0.90 a gallon one year and $2.00 a gallon the next. Most people I knew complained about the shift in price more so than anything else. They didn't really start complaining about the overall price of gas until it consistently hit $4.00 a gallon.
The Prius did have competition - The Honda Insight.
I would hardly consider the first generation Insight as competition for the Prius, though it was superior as a commuter car in almost every measurable way. It simply wasn't a car that most people could live with. Despite the Prius's anemic performance and cheap interior/amenities, it could still seat five people and carry an appreciable amount of cargo. The Insight really was purely a commuter car and nothing more.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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