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Volt vs 2016 ELR

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This has probably been asked before

But after some reading online it seems that the 2016 ELR got a significant boost and a sports mode with proper dual motor operation for quick 0-60mph times

I donk know if there's any mechanical differences, we don't get caddies here in Australia

But gee I'd love it if it was available as a software tune etc...

I'd settle for a gen 2 Volt

But never going to happen here either :(
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I had a 2011 (first week of production) and a 2014 Volt, and loved them. But I'm significantly more in love with my 2016 ELR. Performance is a big part of that equation. I'm not sure if Cadillac had to boost any of the hardware to support it, but in sport mode the '16 ELR peaks at 373 lb-ft of torque, compared to the original Volt's 273 and new Volt's 294. The biggest trick there is it uses the engine to make even more power than can be drawn from the battery alone, to yield a 0-60 time of 6.4 seconds. I made a video of my IP while making a couple of 0-60 runs, holding my cell phone (as such, quality isn't the best):

But even without sport mode, using only electricity, it does 0-60 in 7 seconds. Top speed is 130 in sport mode and 106 without. More info at The suspension is significantly different than on the Volt, and in most respects it feels like a completely different (better) car. The main downside to the ELR is the back seat is objectionable to most people, despite it being very luxuriously trimmed. Lack of headroom is the main problem.

I believe someday the ELR will be mildly collectible, especially the greatly improved 2016, of which less than 600 were made. The number with the performance package (like mine) was significantly less, making that even more potentially collectible.
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