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Volt vs 2016 ELR

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This has probably been asked before

But after some reading online it seems that the 2016 ELR got a significant boost and a sports mode with proper dual motor operation for quick 0-60mph times

I donk know if there's any mechanical differences, we don't get caddies here in Australia

But gee I'd love it if it was available as a software tune etc...

I'd settle for a gen 2 Volt

But never going to happen here either :(
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I'm sad the GM abandoned the ELR after obviously overpricing the 2014 model then significantly limiting the 2016 production numbers. I was ready to pay $50-55k in 2013 for and ELR, and when the $75k MSRP was announced, I had a new volt in my driveway about a week later. But I should have known that steep discounts would be coming, just as they did for the volt. I've heard of some folks on this forum able to get a new one for just under $40k with GM, dealer. state, and fed incentives.

It's not just the two electric motors, but I think to boost the 0-60 times they put the two electric motors and gas engine into service to provide a quick burst of power. But I agree, we're smoking something if we believe a software patch is coming to give all volt owners this performance. Maybe someday there will be an aftermarket tune, but we have yet to see it, and I'm not holding my breath. My only hope is that someone tboned my volt and I'm in the market for a new car again.
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