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Volt vs 2016 ELR

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This has probably been asked before

But after some reading online it seems that the 2016 ELR got a significant boost and a sports mode with proper dual motor operation for quick 0-60mph times

I donk know if there's any mechanical differences, we don't get caddies here in Australia

But gee I'd love it if it was available as a software tune etc...

I'd settle for a gen 2 Volt

But never going to happen here either :(
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Had I known a 2016 was coming out, I might have waited. However, there are not that many differences between an 'R' code 2014 and a 2016. I don't regret getting my ELR @ $43k with incentives! Been two years + of driving my show car!

It might be more than a tune. However, a tune couldn't hurt.
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