November’s Volt sales lull was a bit disconcerting, but the E-REV was back in the saddle again for December with 2,633 units sold.

Year-to-date, this makes the Volt the top-selling plug-in electrified vehicle with 23,461 units.

Next in line was the Prius Plug-in hybrid which sold 1,361 units in December, and 12,750 for the year despite a staged roll-out beginning in March.


And, the third place plug-in car – among manufacturers that provide monthly sales figures – was the Nissan Leaf with a respectable 1,489 units for December, and 9,819 for calendar year 2012.

Nissan’s fiscal year ends in March 2013, and the company has previously said it would try for 20,000 Leafs within this fiscal year, but its executives have also conceded its sales are less than hoped for, and the goal does look extremely optimistic.

Also on its way up seemingly is Ford’s recently launched C-MAX Energi which sold 971 units in December, and 2,374 for the calendar year.

Alan Baum, a consultant who puts figures together for the Dashboard also estimates the Tesla Model S sold somewhere in the vicinity of 900, and perhaps 2,400 for the year. These are not set figures however, as Tesla does not actually play by the rules other automakers do, and does not report numbers, as is the case also for Coda and Fisker.

As for the Volt, its sales for the calendar year did not match early on predictions of 45,000 by GM – now long since retracted – but it did more than triple 2011 sales of 7,671 units.

True also is 2011 Volt sales were limited by a staged roll-out in ts first sales year last year, some regional supply shortages, and the controversy over the car’s battery beginning in November 2011.

For the past five months, the Volt has set a pattern of selling between 2,000 and almost 3,000 units per month, with the lone exception of November, which saw just 1,519 units delivered.