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Volt Traction Battery Reserve vs. Range

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I gather that Volt traction battery capacity has gone from 16.0 kWh (2011-12) to 16.5 kWh (2013-14) to 17.1 kWh (2015), and finally to 18.4 kWh (Gen 2). Therefore, there should be a small range difference in the various years of Gen 1 Volts, assuming that the traction battery is always drained to the some reserve capacity that is constant. However, that may not be the case.

Does anyone know (a) how much energy (kWh) remains in the traction battery when the system shows it is empty
and switches to the ICE and (b) if this reserve energy value has been the same, year by year, in Gen 1 Volts?
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Normal engine on is 19% (22% for 16 kWh batteries with older charge points) - I don't think this has changed for new volts. They just raised the max charge level to get the extra 10%.
WOT said Emergency floor is 15%, but never confirmed if that was the same for all models or also adjusted with the '13 charge point shift. Emergency meaning your engine has died and it switches back to battery for a short while so you can get to a safe place.

Assuming the same bottom level, 4-7% of total capacity in reserve.
16 kWh: 1.1kWh
16.5 kWh: 0.66 kWh
17.1 kWh: 0.68 kWh
18.4 kWh: 0.74 kWh
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