Bob Lutz was quoted as saying some very interesting things. See source article here . He was commenting on the Federal decison to increase fuel economy ratings. In the discussion, which took place on May 10th, he said that the Volt's consumer cost would be less than $30,000. He also said that the Li-ion battery is now only 2 to 3 years away from mass production, and that the vehicle could have a combined electric-combustion range of 750 miles.
He also quite thoughtfully invoked the need for a Manhattan Project-like effort of the Federal government to wean the U.S. off petroleum and onto renewable energy.

For those who follow the Volts' development carefully these are some very important pieces of information from Bob. Its the first time we've heard a possible price-point for the car, and a number likely to make a lot of people happy. Also we are tantalized by the prospect of the car arriving a year ahead of time.

With the Zaap Obvio and possibly Tesla sedan slated to arrive in 2009, an early Volt arrival will be a very good thing.