Yesterday Chevrolet Volt Vehicle Line Director Tony Posawatz sent out an e-mail announcing to Volt Team members, and others that the “Volt Ticker” was now up, running, and ticking away.

What’s the Volt ticker? It’s a real-time, online monitor of cumulative Volt miles driven to date in all-electric mode, as well as total Volt miles driven in all. If you click on the link , you can see the ticker is happily adding up miles driven and fuel saved.


As you can see the Volt’s ratio of EV to Total miles is pretty high. Because the clock has been running since yesterday evening when this screen shot was taken, no doubt the numbers are now higher, but according to the ticker, Volts in the world have driven a total of 53.8 million miles and counting. Out of those, 32 million miles were done in EV mode.

Chevrolet's page therefore documents the amount of gasoline saved as well, which as of this snapshot, was 1.74 million gallons.

The real-time numbers are there to back up Chevrolet’s slogan “Electric when you want it, gas when you need it.”

How does GM know the mileage? OnStar data received from GM’s U.S. retail customer base. In fact, Posawatz said the numbers you see are only part of the actual tally, and “the numbers are actually higher given that not all owners have initiated their OnStar accounts.”

“With many cars out there now and the summer driving season upon us, keep an eye on the ‘ticker,’ it will start growing dramatically,” Posawatz noted. “Please share as appropriate.”

We thought it was appropriate to share the info and insights on, and perhaps you might also share as appropriate within your sphere of influence?