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Volt Sales Stats for RI Rebate Appeal March 2016

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Hi All,
Just got the bad news that my new volt is not elegible for the 2.5k Drive rebate from the state of RI.
Seems in the fine print you must buy from RI dealer. I shopped the RI dealers but they had limited stock and ended up buying in Ma.
Now I can appeal and I think I can make the case if I have some numbers to back me up that the RI dealers did not have the stock of my white LT or base model when I was purchasing .
They do have an exception for Tesla because there are no dealers in RI

What do you think ?
Where can I find info on sales for the month of March 2016 for LT?


Anyone else in this predicament

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To be fair, the RI dealer requirement is the second bullet point under "Applicant & Vehicle Requirements" on the "Terms & Conditions" document. That section is toward the end of the document, but its print is no more fine than anything else. Also, you could have gotten the car you wanted via a dealer swap to a RI dealer and it would have been eligible. (That's how I got mine, and it was accepted.) Thus, I doubt if you'll have much luck extracting the rebate -- but good luck in your effort.
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