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Volt ownership and condo/lofts living in Toronto

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Are their buildings in the Toronto area that are electric car friendly. Anyone own a volt that has put a charger in their building.
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I've been casually looking at condos in the US (i.e. going to open houses when I see something interesting). At each one, I ask about EV charging, and the realtors eyes get real big and they say "oh, I don't know, no one's ever asked about that before". Sigh, we're a long way away from having this be an easy thing... I'd be much more interested in several condos if I knew getting charging access wouldn't be impossible and/or a giant headache.

I will say that a new (luxury) apartment complex near me installed a free single L2 station. But it's one for the whole complex, and would be a very far walk to most apartments unless you happened to get in one specific building. They positioned it by their club house, I assume for good PR, which of course makes it not ideal for the people who'd actually use it. I asked them if anyone used it and they said just one guest with an i3 who visited friends living there.
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