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Volt ownership and condo/lofts living in Toronto

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Are their buildings in the Toronto area that are electric car friendly. Anyone own a volt that has put a charger in their building.
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Still on the fence about buying a volt either the gen 1 or gen 2 because we will be moving into a condo in about 2 years .I have done some reading on the prius prime and am wondering if it may be a better option because it is more of hybred as opposed to an EV with a range extender.
In two years, who knows how many places will have adopted "EVSE available" as a feature of their property? "Before you buy" is an excellent time to enter into discussions about EVSE installation as well. The Volt does reasonably well as a hybrid all by itself as 5l/100km is reachable. (And as for the Prime, the only real reason for it over a regular Prius is the fact that it also can be plugged in, so it faces the same issues for the condo as the Volt.)
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