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Volt ownership and condo/lofts living in Toronto

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Are their buildings in the Toronto area that are electric car friendly. Anyone own a volt that has put a charger in their building.
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Case by case basis as it all depends on the HOA...My HOA said in order for a charger to be approved only if its attached to your meter, include the electricians estimate and to include images of the charger itself and any visual items such as the conduit...With that approval I inquired about swapping parking spots near my meter (my spot was very far away) and I could find anyone willing to swap without a four digit price tag...I later heard that someone submitted a charger estimate which was disapproved, they said they don't want un-uniform changers but were okay with an outlet attached to your meter and let you know that the HOA would have the right to use the outlet to your meter in an emergency and would have zero involvement in enforcing others from using your outlet...
1 - 1 of 11 Posts