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Volt Owner in Northern CA

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I am a newcomer to GM-VOLT.COM. I have a 2013 Chevy Volt that we bought brand new. Have had a few odd problems over the last few years and would like to see if anyone else had the same issues, loosing all electrical, tire failures and no spare to name a couple and how to maybe resolve them before they happen again.
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Yes everyone in the world experiences tire failures, that isn't exclusive to Volts. Many new cars now forego the spare in an effort to save weight and trim costs, that also isn't exclusive to Volts. I carry around a can of fix a flat just in case. Many do find spares off of older Chevy Cruzes and Cadillac CTSs. Maybe someone more knowledgable than I can comment here about exactly which Cruze and CTS spare is compatible.

Don't know anything about losing all electrical. Did the car just shut down in the middle of a drive? Was it dead when you tried to start it up? We're going to need a bit more info here. If it was dead when you tried to start it up, then most likely you have a dead 12V accessory battery which can happen to any car. Jump it and go to the dealer to have the 12v tested and replace if needed. If the car died on you while driving then maybe go to the dealer because that seems serious.

Welcome aboard newcomer.
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