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Volt on Display at Car Show at Athens NY Street Festival

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A couple of weeks ago we attended the 37th Athens NY Street Festival. Athens is a quaint little town south of Albany, NY and played a part in the Tom Cruise movie, "War of the Worlds" a couple of years ago. They actually built a dock at the foot of town on the Hudson River and set up a Ferry to take people away from Athens as it was being invaded.

The local Car Club "Greene County Cruisers had a car show during the festival. I showed off my Red Volt here among all of the Classic Cars and a reporter for the local paper was very excited about seeing the Volt and asked me lots of questions and said she would mention the Volt in her article below. She even took a picture of my Volt for the article.

About 2 dozen people came by, asking lots of questions as they had never seen the Volt, but had heard of it.
Two people even said after seeing it, they would think about buying one. All of us Volt owners should participate in at least one of these car shows as it sure generates a lot of awareness about the Volt The Volt seems to stir quite a bit of interest and so far as of today I have not seen another Volt on the road.
I am sure in 2012 we will start to see them as production ramps up.
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