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Yeah, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Just renewing the $5000 rebate would make me happy, but I'll be ecstatic if they up it.

I'm also hoping that BC's Scrap-It program keeps getting funding, I figure I can save almost a couple thousand more dollars by buying an old beater to take advantage of that.
I just today received confirmation that my 2017 Premier has been built! The BC CEV Fund is holding steady with enough funds to provide about 116 Volt purchasers with $5000 grants. If the shipping isn't delayed too much, I just might get in on the remnants of that fund. If not, I too will have my fingers crossed while watching the Budget announcements. The Scrap-It program is running on fumes too, as it is required to expire March 31st or when 1000 cars are crushed, whichever comes first! The New Car Dealers Association has been making strong appeals to the Government to rejuvenate both funds without a drop-out that would kill the momentum of the Clean Air Vehicle Program as happened last time. BTW, you must have owned and have insured your beater for a continuous 6 months prior to registering with the Scrap-it Program and be approved within 10 days after purchasing a CEV to collect the $3250.
Buy that clunker now!
1 - 1 of 53 Posts
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