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Volt now qualifies for $10,000 Rebate in Ontario, Canada

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Just saw this article on

The Province of Ontario is revising the rebate structure for EVs from $5000 - $8500 to now $6000 - $10000. Apparently, the Volt will qualify for the max $10,000. No word yet on when the changes will take effect.
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Yeah. I was confused by what my purchase date was. I contacted the salesman from my dealer and he sent me copies of what he submitted and it looks like I should receive the difference. Super happy! :D
So do you know if they go by purchase agreement date? Or when the order was placed? I'm kind of in limbo right now. I placed an order sometime in October of 2015 but took delivery in December. Latest purchase agreement date was also produced in December. Here's hoping!

Edit: Also, since the dealer submitted the forms for the incentive on your behalf (I'm assuming the original $8500 was off the purchase price), you are still technically the EVIP recipient, not the dealer, correct?
Just received my incentive from the Ministry for the L2 EVSE and installation (max $1000 back). Took them long enough. Almost 3 months. Ha! I emailed them and they told me that if my car qualifies for the new increased incentive (they couldn't verify it at the moment), it will eventually be processed and sent to me (not the dealership) and no need to reapply. Cool.

Hopefully other provincial governments can follow suite. Ontario's truly becoming a leader in pushing for the adoption of EVs and PHEVs.

I still don't fully understand how the new incentives are calculated. So many mistakes and discrepancies.
I just checked again and now they have the rebate split by model, the Premier now get $12,747 in Rebates !!!

and my 2017 just landed in the dealership woot!
Thanks for the heads up on the updated incentive table. I just barely made the cutoff since I took delivery in December. Can't wait for the cheque!
1 - 3 of 53 Posts
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